Yes, I’m angry…

Yes, I’m angry that the most basic common sense gun laws couldn’t get past the Republican Senate. But, what angers me even more is knowing those same, thoughtless, NRA bought and owned Senators will be back in place after the upcoming election. We can dream of a huge backlash from the voters; record-breaking turnout for the next election; a complete eviction of these Senators who care nothing for what the People of the country want. Yes, we can dream, but that’s all it will ever be.

All the rejected bills would have done is stop suspected terrorists of buying a gun and closing the background check loopholes. I guess that is too much to ask of the gun owners in this country. Or is it? I hear about honest gun owners who support back ground checks and keeping guns out of the hands of terrorist and the mentally ill. Maybe it’s not the gun owners who drove this. Maybe it is simply the price being paid by the guilty Senators who are owned by the NRA and the gun industry.

My Senators were not among the pack of spineless, selfish, mindless idiots. For that, I guess I’m glad; except that it leaves me with not much I can do to change the status quo. I’m left dreaming. Dreaming that voters whose senators did this will do what is needed to change the next vote.


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