Historical day and night…

I am so proud to be a Democrat today.

Yesterday, June 22, 2016, the House Democrats staged a sit-in to try to force the House Republicans to vote on various bills regarding gun control. This, only a little over a week after our latest mass shooting.

At approximately 11:45 yesterday, the House Democrats began a sit-in to force the House to vote on various measures to make our citizens safer from gun violence. This sit-in was led by none other than John Lewis who took part in the sit-ins of the 60s to fight for equal rights for African-Americans.

While the sit-in didn’t result in a vote it did something for me.

First, my Representative, Bobby Scott, was part of the sit-in. That confirms my belief that he is the right man for the job and cements my vote for him.

Second, it tells me that some of our Congressmen and women are listening to us. That they were willing to take a stand (seat) to force the issue is heartening in a very disheartening time.

Finally, it gives me hope that like other seemingly lost causes (equal rights for African-Americans, women, and gays) this too can end positively and with a better quality of life for all of us.

Thank you to all of those who were willing to make a stand. Thank you for listening. Thank you for trying to take action. Thank you for not giving up.


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