Can someone please answer me?

I have been following the current U.S. Presidential election process for many months now. I know who I am voting for and have known pretty much since before it began. I will vote Democrat until and unless the party devolves into something I can’t recognize and respect. Sort of like the Republican party has done.

That said, in the course of my perusing posts, articles, news feeds, and many other communications regarding the candidates, I have found myself asking one question over and over again. When I read that Hillary Clinton is a liar and is corrupt and is bought and sold, I ask prove it. Well, not exactly like that. I say, “please give me one specific example with factual evidence of when she has lied” (or “that proves her corrupt”)(or “of who has bought and sold her”). Just one piece of factual evidence. Please.

So far, I have not had one single response. And still, that is the argument I hear against her over and over again.

Now, if the table were turned and someone who supports Trump asked me for the same evidence of dishonesty and corruption, I’d have trouble narrowing the factual evidence down to just one. And that is another thing that confuses me.

The same people who are demanding Hillary be “locked up” for whatever it is she’s done, have no concern when forced to face the long history of Trump dishonesty and downright criminal activity. Sometimes, I think my head is going to explode trying to mesh these positions into one valid argument.

Heck, even Donald Trump himself couldn’t do it. When asked why it was wrong for Hillary to back the invasion into Iraq but okay for Pence to do the same, he had no answer. Well, he answered but as usual, what he said made no sense.

So, here I am, trying to focus on what is important about this election but constantly being pulled into a vortex of nonsense and misinformation (read lies).

Now, just because I’m a crazy optimist and still hoping for an answer:

Can someone please tell me, citing specific facts, when Hillary has lied, been corrupted, and/or bought and sold.

While I’m asking, can someone explain to me why it’s okay for Donald Trump to be dishonest, corrupt, and hateful?

I’m just asking!


2 thoughts on “Can someone please answer me?”

    1. I appreciate your response but it is invalid. After a very expensive, long investigation, the FBI did not recommend and legal action and rather said that her actions were “careless”. That is not criminal!


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