We have sixty-eight days to endure the current election cycle. Sixty-eight days to shout that “my candidate” is the best. Sixty-eight days to shake our heads and wonder how anyone can support “that candidate”.

I am passionate about many causes. Most fall under the category of justice. Justice for all races. Justice for all sexual orientation. Justice for all genders. Justice for children. Justice for victims of crime. Justice for criminals. Just justice!

Knowing that, you can probably guess that I’m a liberal. And I’m a proud liberal. I wouldn’t want to be anything else because it wouldn’t fit with my passion for justice.

We live in the greatest country on earth and it’s not because of the politicians, the 1%, the lobbyists, or the huge corporate machines. It’s because of all the others. The working people, the students, the parents and their children.  All of us.

I believe in my fellow citizens. I believe that most of the people of this country care about this country and their fellow human beings around the world. Those of us who work, study, raise a family, and love one another want our country to continue being the best in the world.

Right now, I feel another passion welling in my heart. It is a passion for my fellow American citizens to stand up and show the politicians, the 1%, the lobbyists, the huge corporate machines, and all who think they own our Democracy that we’re taking back our country.  Now is the time for the citizens of the United States of America to stand up and show the world who we are and what we stand for. How do we do that?

We vote! We turn out. We show up. We make the effort. We take responsibility. We do our civic duty. We vote.





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