Why A Recount Is Important

I’m sorry to say I’ve had quite a lot of experience with skilled liars. I even spent some time married to someone who was so good at lying he could have taught a course on it. I certainly learned a lot about how a liar operates during my time with this person.

Probably the most important thing I learned is that a liar frequently accuses others of the sins he himself is guilty of committing. For example, if someone steals from his friends, he will accuse his friends of stealing from him. Or, if your spouse is having an extramarital affair, he will accuse you of the same. Thus, I find myself wondering about the number of times Donald Trump claimed that the election was “rigged”.

We all know Trump is a prolific and accomplished liar. The facts are too numerous and easily verified to even try to ignore. He has been judged one of the most untruthful candidates of all time. Clearly, he is a skilled, experienced liar.

So, is it any wonder that many of the voters are now questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 Presidential election? Knowing that Russia hacked into our computer system and manipulated the voters, who wouldn’t question the results? I, for one, keep coming back to the lessons I learned so many years ago. When a liar accuses another of a certain behavior, it’s a good idea to look behind the accusations for motivation.

If the election is legitimate, there is no reason to oppose a recount of any state. If there was no illegal activity, there should be no concern about a recount. If one is without any guilt, there would be no reason to complain about those who want to ensure the validity of the results.

In order to restore, and preserve, our faith in our election process, it is imperative that we conduct recounts openly and thoroughly. If the results are validated, then our system is validated. If the results are overturned, then we have proven that we have a system to protect the voters and the legitimacy of every election.



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