Stop the illegal inauguration!

Russia manipulated the presidential election in the United States of America. That fact is incontrovertible. Trump openly invited Russia to hack into servers of United States’ citizens. Trump was elected because that is who Putin wanted as the next president of the United States.

All of the above are facts! Nobody involved is really disputing these facts. The only discussion is what, if anything, will be done. From what I’ve heard and read, the only focus is whether we can/should prevent such interference in future U.S. elections. That isn’t enough for me.

I want to know how and why we should accept the candidate that we know was put in place by Putin. I believe if we let this crime go unchallenged, we have handed out country over to Russia. Why would we let this illegal election result stand?

Since no one seems to be taking the fact that Trump won the election illegally, I am not hearing much about what can be done to correct the result. My sense of fair play says that Trump should be disqualified and Clinton should be made President-elect. Of course, I know that a lot of people would protest that choice. Still, if in a competition, one team cheats and is caught, the other team wins. Why should an election be treated differently?

More importantly, why should we accept the choice made by and installed by Putin? Isn’t this a clear degradation of our democratic government? Can no one see that accepting this behavior is the same as saying, “take over, we give Russia control of our government”?

Perhaps someone out there can explain to me the reasons that this travesty can’t or won’t be corrected. If there is no precedent, let’s not make a precedent by allowing the crime to go unpunished. If there is no known method of making this right, let’s create a method that is just and true to our fundamental principles of democracy.

I don’t know where to go or how to do it but I know that someone has to stop the inauguration of Trump. We can not accept a president that we know was promoted by outside sources to the point of manipulating the election.


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