I just wish I could understand…

Lately, I find myself wondering what it would be like to talk with a Republican, more specifically a Trump supporter, about the current events of our country. I know we couldn’t change one another’s opinions but I wonder if we could even hear what the other has to say.

I like to picture myself sitting down over coffee and sharing our opinions, ideas, and feelings about what is happening in our world since Trump took over. I’m sure I’d be shocked by the opinions and view-point of the other side. Could I maintain my civility when faced with false “truths”? Are there Trump supporters who see the truth but still find a way to support him?

It’s all pretty unlikely but sometimes I really wish I could just ask a few questions and then listen to the answers. Here’s what I’d like to ask:

  1. Do you think Trump really cares about the working person? If so, on what do you base your conclusion?
  2. Do you think Trump has the necessary education, experience, and character to be President? Do you think it matters?
  3. Are you concerned that he hasn’t surrounded himself with experienced, knowledgeable people?
  4. Do you think he is hiding anything in his tax returns?
  5. Do you think Trump will make our country better economically? Do you care that he has never provided any solid evidence of a plan?

There are many more questions I have but these would cover a lot of time and probably move into other areas in discussion. I guess I’m still just trying to understand how intelligent, loving, compassionate people could support someone so self-absorbed, immoral, and dishonest to lead our great country.



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