What will it take? Part 2

It’s been an interesting week. I was contacted regarding cross-posting my blog post called “What will it take?” that I posted in February. I have no problem with cross-posting since I really don’t have to read the comments unless I want to. Of course, I did read the comments and was not surprised however, I am still vexed.

Here is the link to the cross-posted article and the responses:  http://writerbeat.com/articles/18790-WHAT-WILL-IT-TAKE-

To summarized, I was, and still am, asking Trump supporters what it will take for them to decide he is an amoral liar who doesn’t care about the average citizen. After the cross-posting, I got lots of replies but none that answer the question. So, here’s my response and continuing question:

Saying that most people voted not for Trump but rather against Clinton doesn’t answer the question: What will it take?

Claiming that everyone lies or is corrupt, especially Democrats, doesn’t answer the question: What will it take?

Those from other countries, I respect your right to your opinions, but they don’t answer my question: What will it take?

Those who continue to support Trump and are delusional despite all the evidence contrary to their views are my target audience. However, the question isn’t why did you vote for him, why is he such a great leader/person, or just how stupid am I? The question is: What will it take?

Since the answers are so far from what I was asking, let me restate the question.

I want to know what, if anything, would make you, the Trump supporter, decide that his behavior is unacceptable in a civil society. Is there anything that would change your opinion of him as a leader or a person?

We’ve already determined that it is not mocking the disabled, not judging others based on their ethnic genealogy, not illegal and immoral business practices, not admitting to sexual assault.

How about murder? He once claimed he “could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and not lose voters”. What about treason such as taking bribes from a foreign government? What if he is caught raping a child? How about incest? Would any of these heinous acts be enough to convince you that he is amoral, ignorant, or unfit for the highest office of the U.S. government?

Please, feel free to comment if you can or will answer the question:

What will it take?